USE is a C++ based simulation environment developed entirely in-house. It is the culmination of our experience using many proprietary, open source and commercial simulation tools over a period of several decades.

Our environment was developed from the conceptual stage to be modular, provide networked simulation capabilities and to allow high performance desktop simulation for both faster-than-realtime and realtime applications.


Aircraft System Identification

System identification is the process of using experimental data to create mathematical models of physical systems. We specialise in aircraft system identification, where the goal is usually to create a mathematical model of a flight vehicle at a desired fidelity.

We have supported many system identification programs over more than a decade, which has allowed us to develop tools and processes for all the elements required to complete a successful identification program. Along with traditional methods, we have been early practitioners of several state-of-the-art techniques, such as fuzzy-logic and artificial neural networks in aircraft system identification.

Prototyping Facility

We have an in-house prototyping facility that allows us to create moulds, manufacture composite parts and various smaller mechanical components required to test out a new design.

We also partner with several local companies when more specialised manufacturing techniques are required, such as the use of pre-impregnated composites or the machining of large patterns for mould making.

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