Our development philosophy

  • We question conventional thinking and subscribe to purposeful creativity. We listen to you – not every requirement will need a new platform.
  • If what we already have suits your performance objectives, we can customise the payload and functionality to your needs. Our airframes are also designed to be scalable to minimise the development time required to accommodate bigger payloads or longer endurance and range.
  • For very unique requirements, our experienced team can walk the entire journey with you from formalising your requirement to producing the final product that will give your organisation the competitive advantage you seek.


Ascension is an affordable alternative to typical multicopter designs, but with several times the range and endurance.

The airframe is designed to be scalable to larger versions or to be modified to accommodate specialised applications. We are currently in the prototyping phase.

  • Scalable design configuration
  • VTOL or STOL capable
  • Long endurance
  • Ease of operation
  • Shielded lift fans for safety and efficiency
  • Small transportation footprint
  • Quick field assembly
Use cases
  • Aerial surveying
  • Security and surveillance
  • Medical delivery
  • MTOW: 2.5 kg
  • Wingspan: 2.1 m
  • Payload
    – Optical sensors (surveillance and security)
    – Up to 500g (delivery mission)
  • Endurance: 60 min at MTOW
  • Range: 5 to 10 km (dependent on selected datalink)
  • Electric propulsion

Stardust flying wing research UAV

We developed Stardust as a test platform for our simulation-based design processes and to research several advanced augmented stability and control concepts. The airframe has no vertical surfaces and, as a result, very low directional stability requiring artificial augmentation at higher speeds.

The design is very compact and easy to manufacture and may be fitted with small payloads at its current size. Larger versions and alternative propulsion options are possible.

  • Low drag configuration
  • Low airframe cost
Use cases
  • Flight control research platform
  • Potential low-cost target for gunnery training
  • Hobby-level version with alternative control system under development
  • MTOW: 3.5 kg
  • Wingspan: 1.6 m
  • Payload: FPV camera
  • Endurance: 20 min at MTOW at SL
  • Range: 5 km (dependent on selected datalink)
  • Electric ducted fan


Our current and future platforms are designed for the following applications. If we missed your area of business, let us design a solution to your needs together.

Aerial view of a pair of white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) in grassland, South Africa
  • Real estate perimeter patrol
  • Anti-poaching
  • Border patrol
  • Maritime patrol
Mati, Athens - July 26, 2018: Aerial view shows a burnt area following a wildfire in the village of Mati, near Athens. Wildfires occurred on the 23 of July , left for the moment 92 people dead.
Disaster management
  • Search and Rescue
  • Monitoring
  • Emergency deliveries
Built environment
  • Site surveying
  • Mapping
  • Geological surveys
Hexacopter UAV drone in support of agriculture
Precision agriculture
  • Smart crop surveying
  • Optimised path planning
  • Automation
View from height on a settlement of nomads reindeer breeders in the valley of the Longotjyogan River (aerial photograph). Yamal, Russia
  • Last-mile delivery
  • Sample collection
13655964 - man launches into the sky rc glider, wide-angle
  • Hobby applications
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