Can you imagine a world where large cargo aircraft are criss-crossing all over the globe on a regular basis, with no pilots behind the controls? A world where every isolated village receives its mail, medicine and even food supplies through regular drone deliveries? Where large fields and plantations are tended to by drones buzzing among the rows of plants? Technologically, these scenarios are very much feasible, and we already see some of it happening on a small scale. However, for several reasons the large-scale adoption of commercial drones is still not quite here today. This is especially true for applications where the drones pose risks comparable to large aircraft due to their size or where they operate, or where the level of automation goes beyond what current regulations allow.

In the October 2020 edition of World Airnews (, Dr Benjamin Broughton and Mr Andre Meredith, both from Avior Labs, discuss the various challenges related to the widescale adoption of commercial drones, how they may be resolved and what the potential future of unmanned commerce might look like. Go check out this edition for free on the World Airnews website or buy your hardcopy today.

You’ll find the article on pages 8 to 11 and, while you are there, have a look at the short article on our company titled “Specialised Solutions” on page 16.

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