Our story

After decades in the military aerospace industry, two of our founders, Bennie Broughton and Kreelan Padayachee, contemplated the question of how to apply that experience and cutting-edge technologies to solve everyday problems.

They combined their vision with the business qualifications and development economics background of our third founder, Elena Broughton, to create a new company dedicated to providing unmanned aerial solutions and associated technologies for the aerospace industry.

We specifically wanted to focus on commercial and humanitarian applications such as surveying, monitoring and last mile delivery of medical supplies. Ultimately, the aim was to better society through smart flight technologies or, as our motto says: “Simplify life through flight”.

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Our mission is to apply technical and scientific innovation in developing unmanned and autonomous aerial vehicles and provide expert advice in aeronautical fields. Driven by a passion for all things flying, development through engaging teams, and enjoyment of what we do, we seek to empower our customers and society to “simplify life through flight”.

  • ENGAGEMENT: We listen and respond to the needs of our employees, clients, and society
  • INNOVATION: We question conventional thinking and subscribe to purposeful creativity
  • INTEGRITY: We are consistent in our actions and transparent in our decisions
  • PASSION: Our passion for what we do is our foundation for excellence
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    PROFESSIONALISM: We are dedicated to our vision and accountable for our actions

Our team

Dr Bennie Broughton, Managing Director
  • PhD Aerospace Engineering (Illinois)
  • >20 years in the aerospace industry
Kreelan Padayachee, CTO
  • MSc Aeronautical Engineering (Witwatersrand)
  • >10 years in aerospace industry
Lena Broughton, Financial Director
  • MBA Candidate
  • MSc Technology Management (Pretoria)
  • >15 years in business and development consulting
Andre Meredith, Associate
  • MSc Electronic Engineering (Stellenbosch)
  • >25 years in systems engineering and aircraft safety

Our partners

Drone Safety Management System provider

Drone Safety Services

Composite products, structures and components manufacture for aerospace, maritime, and medical industries.

Lightweight Structures
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