Who We Are

Avior Labs (Pty) Ltd develops innovative products and technologies to serve the needs of unmanned aerial system operators and service providers. We specialise in the development and manufacture of highly efficient commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, associated technologies, and software. Our focus is on applications in the health, agricultural, built environment, security, and humanitarian domains. We work closely with our clients and partners to provide solutions that are optimised to their specific requirements.

What We Offer

Driven by our passion for aerospace, a commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations, and enjoyment of what we do, we aim to “Simplify life through flight”.


Platforms customised or developed from the ground up for your specific needs.

Our unmanned aerial platforms are designed to serve our clients’ specific needs. Our Stardust and Ascension airframes, the first in a line of scalable platforms, serve as examples of what we have to offer. They can be adapted to your needs through different payloads or scaled up if required. Alternatively, our team of experienced aeronautical engineers can develop an entirely new concept to satisfy your unique requirements.


Transforming our knowledge and experience to your

Aerodynamic design and optimisation, flight dynamics, control development, automation, modelling and simulation – our services help you solve your most challenging engineering problems. Our specialised experience in cutting-edge aircraft system identification and state estimation techniques are applied to develop highly sophisticated simulation models of virtually any flying object.



Recent News

Launch of Drone Professional 2

Andre P. Meredith, announces the launch of a new #1 best-seller on Amazon (USA and Germany): Drone Professional 2. The book includes compelling articles from 21 drone industry professionals from around the world. who share their experience, insights, best practice guidance and current best thinking on a broad range of topics in unmanned aviation.

Internship Available: DECEMBER 2020

Are you a third-year engineering student at a South African university interested in gaining experience during the December holidays while working next to highly experienced aeronautical engineers? We are looking for you!

The Advent of Unmanned Commerce

Can you imagine a world where large cargo aircraft are criss-crossing all over the globe on a regular basis, with no pilots behind the controls? In the October 2020 edition of World Airnews (https://www.airnews.co.za/e-magazine/), Bennie and Andre, both from Avior Labs, discuss the various challenges related to the widescale adoption of commercial drones, how they may be resolved and what the potential future of unmanned commerce might look like.